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Denise Kouri, Candidate for Saskatoon-Humboldt

Thank you very much to all the supporters of the Saskatoon-Humboldt campaign! It was an honour to be your candidate.

It is a disappointment that we did not defeat Brad Trost and Canada is now saddled with a Conservative majority.

However, we have 102 NDP seats in the House of Commons and an NDP Opposition for the first time! It is great that more Canadians have come to see what the New Democrats have to offer.

And I am so proud about the great campaign we ran. We increased our vote in the riding, we raised some important issues about women’s rights, human rights, and better social and economic choices, and we engaged many more young people in the work and in voting. Our campaign was interesting, creative and fun! These successes will build for the future.

Thanks for much to all the campaign workers – staff and volunteers. You worked so long and hard.  I appreciate your dedication to making this world a better place.  You are an inspiration.

Thank you to all for your financial contributions – your generosity and commitment to the NDP helped make the campaign possible.

And thanks so much to my family, who were so strong in the campaign and for me personally. And to my grandchildren, Loa and Mani, I say you are the inspiration. It is for you and the next generations that we all work so hard.

Again, it was an honour to be the candidate in Saskatoon-Humboldt.

Denise Kouri

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